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Field Force Management

Field Force Management for Maximum Efficiency

We ensure our client’s products and POSM are best distributed, positioned and displayed to maximize sales and brand presence.

Imagine your products perfectly positioned, eye-catching displays driving sales, and in-store teams equipped to wow customers. That’s the power of just BTL field force management expertise. We ensure your brand shines brightly, from optimized store layouts to seamless product distribution.

Our comprehensive services go beyond simple logistics. We dive deep with category reviews, crafting strategic plans that maximize your products’ potential. Merchandising experts handle everything from warehouse management to on-shelf displays, while POSM distribution ensures your brand message reaches every corner.

We’ll ensure your products shine, your brand resonates, and your customers leave delighted, all thanks to a team operating at the peak of its potential.

What We Offer

Category Management
  • Category review
  • Planogram development and rollout in-store
  • Store design and layout consultancy, including product sitting advice
  • Warehouse product management
  • On-shelf product management
  • Merchandiser training & development
  • POSM distribution & management

Stock management

  • Stock ordering
  • Weekly review of availability
  • Product condition management
  • Attendance and leave report
  • Sales report
  • Promotion activity report
  • Competitor activity report
  • Shelf-share report
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Business forecasting
  • Training on latest products to in-store staff
  • Training on latest technology to in-store staff
  • In-house training on soft skills, customer interaction, and shop-floor etiquette.

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