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Lead Generation

Dominate with Lead Generation

We attract the leads you need to achieve your growth goals. We ignite interest and turn prospects into loyal customers.

Feeling like your marketing efforts are hitting a dead end? Forget generic content, embrace thought leadership with impact. We craft top-tier content that positions you as an industry authority, attracting qualified leads who are ready to connect. We don’t just generate leads, we cultivate long lasting relationships.

Targeted campaigns that laser-focus on your perfect audience, sparking conversations and driving engagement. Nurturing sequences that provide value and build trust.Let TLC Lead Generation services with just BTL help you grow your brand authentically and sustainably.

Lead Farming with just BTL

We convert leads to deals with our homegrown concept of Lead Farming. This involves extensive market research, prospect identification, establishing contacts with the prospects through right channels and attracting leads through campaigns. Through appointment setup, inbound and event acceleration services, we ensure your sales pipeline is filling and flowing with qualified leads.

Lead generation: prospect profiling
Right ICP Database​
Right ICP Database​
Regional Call Centres
Regional call centres
Domestic & International
Domestic & International
Dedicated Contact
Dedicated Contact
True CPL Pricing
True CPL Pricing

We have the below database for Lead Generation Program, and we follow a strict ICP Check for each prospect.

Partner database

With contact points for vertical and geo segments- T1 T2 & solution providers – 22k

Customer database

Includes, CIO, CTO, IT leads and more – 11K+

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