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Unveiling the Secrets: Your Guide to Mystery Shopping in the Land of Luxury, the UAE

Mystery Shopping
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Beyond “The Customer is Always Right”: What is Mystery Shopping and Why Does it Matter?

How do companies know whether their employees are treating customers well, especially in service industries such as hospitality and retail? Their superiors most probably are caught up in so many other tasks and responsibilities which may not give them all the time in the world to continuously monitor their team.

Well, this is where mystery shopping comes into play. In this blog article, we will be deep diving into the world of mystery shopping and looking into its importance, impact, and how to leverage the power of this unique type of shopping successfully in the UAE.

What is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery shopping is when ‘secret shoppers’ disguise themselves as prospective customers who observe and evaluate a business’s operations and overall customer service experiences.

This type of market research came into the picture in the mid 90’s and since then it has been a useful data collection method that enables us to derive actionable strategies to improve the overall customer experience.

Why is Mystery Shopping Important in the UAE?

UAE businesses can be empowered to enhance the customer service and experience they provide through mystery shopping and eventually obtain a competitive advantage against their rivals.

There are numerous advantages of mystery shopping for businesses as explained below:

  • Businesses can get to know the quality of service that their employees provide which would lead to what the next steps are in improving how customers are catered to.
  • Better coaching can be provided to employees as mystery shoppers can offer insights as to whether employees are upholding standard operating procedures and brand promises.
  • Ensures compliance to standards as mystery shoppers can observe employees and verify whether company policies and regulations are being adhered to. This would facilitate less/no future legal implications being put on the business and makes sure employees possess self-discipline during work hours.
  • When improvement or re-correction strategies are put in place after mystery shopper experience feedback, employees will hopefully provide customer service which will help get positive first impressions on the business and brand which would encourage repeat business leading to increased sales in the long run.

Unveiling the Magic: How Does Mystery Shopping Work in the UAE?

To become a mystery shopper in the UAE, firstly you would have to find a mystery shopping company and register yourself with this particular company. Ethos and SIS Marketing are a few examples of mystery shopping companies. Thereafter you will be able to start receiving mystery shopping experience assignments once registration is complete.

During mystery shopping assignments, the responsibilities assigned can vary greatly. At times being a mystery shopper would require completing a purchase, or asking questions during a customer service interaction. For each assignment, a comprehensive briefing would be given which outlines the task lists to be done.

Mystery shoppers would be required to submit a report to the mystery shopping company after finishing an assignment. Usually, this report would include particular comments, ratings, and observations.

You will be required to submit a report to the mystery shopping business after finishing an assignment. Usually, this report will include ratings, comments, and observations. Finally, the business/brand that you visited will receive this report from the mystery shopping organization.

Tips for Successful Mystery Shopping in the UAE

Successful mystery shopping would depend on the following:

  • Staying discreet – Maintaining confidentiality and professionalism is of the highest importance. This would indicate the reliability of being a mystery shopper. Being to the assignments on time and finishing them up properly would help keep assignments coming.
  • Accurate observation and reporting – Being very observant and providing detailed, honest reporting by paying attention during the whole mystery shopping experience would help businesses gather valuable insights.
  • Reporting on cultural sensitivity – To set a mystery shopper apart from all the others would be by offering tips on navigating cultural differences and respecting local customs where applicable.
  • Time management and flexibility – Being a great mystery shopper in the UAE would also mean meeting deadlines on submitting reports and adapting to unexpected situations during the whole mystery shopping experience.

Unmasking the Rewards: Is Mystery Shopping a Viable Side Hustle in the UAE?

Since getting to know what and how mystery shopping works, its benefits, and how anybody can become a great mystery shopper, it is safe to say that mystery shopping can be a viable side hustle in the UAE.

The mystery shopping industry in the UAE provides a combination of freedom, money, and educational opportunities to the people who opt-in for it. For instance, mystery shoppers can:

  • Work on their own time by selecting tasks that suit their needs, whether they are looking for a steady side gig or have a few hours to spare.
  • Obtain a reasonable income from their time: Competitive money is provided by assignments; the amount will vary according to the complexity and length of the task.
  • Become a business expert: Learn insightful things about how various industries such as retail, hospitality, and how many other industries operate.
  • Gain great client support: Acquire first-hand knowledge about what constitutes a wonderful customer experience to further develop professional skills.

Despite all these great aspects of mystery shopping, there are quite a few misconceptions and concerns around this topic as well. Some believe that mystery shopping can be a scam. However, researching and finding a good agency where people have previously been proper mystery shoppers can help let go of this misconception.

Again finding a reputable agency that has partnered up with many clients would help with the concern of whether mystery shopping provides a lot of assignments and gaining progression of becoming an amazing mystery shopper.

There is also another misconception that mystery shopping is only available in major cities and only big branded corporations utilize mystery shopping services. However, in reality, mystery shopping can take place anywhere because quite a lot of smaller businesses also conduct mystery shopping to gauge how their customer experience is and to further improve their services.

So it is safe to say that mystery shopping is quite rewarding given that proper research is undertaken to find a well-known, credible mystery shopping agency.

Beyond the Scorecard: The Impact of Mystery Shopping on UAE Businesses

Based on what was discussed up until now, it is evident that mystery shopping has many positive impacts on UAE businesses. How employees interact with customers and the level of customer service provided can be clearly understood. Mystery shopping also helps understand whether an on-ground marketing program that has been implemented is working well or not.

Additionally, it can also help create activations or programs that are more suitable based on customer behavior. So it is no wonder that fast-food chain McDonald’s recruits more than 10,000 mystery shoppers to make visits to their restaurants to understand service speeds, cleanliness, and order accuracy in exchange for free meals.

Even Dubai hospitals and clinics send out undercover shoppers to check for insurance fraud. For example, after undercover investigations on an particular insurance program by the Dubai Health Authority, it was identified that more than 100,000 workers, and physicians had inflated their invoices and recommended unnecessary surgeries.

It is also important to keep in mind that mystery shopping activities should be ethical and unbiased to achieve the benefits and rewards of mystery shopping.

Become a Part of the Solution: Join the UAE’s Mystery Shopping Community

Mystery shopping is a great method of gathering information about the quality of services provided by employees. It is a useful tool for businesses in the UAE. It guarantees adherence to legal requirements and brand promises, offers insights into consumer experiences, and raises service standards. A great side hustle as well enabling people to make money and learn insightful things about other businesses.

Respecting local norms, keeping observations accurate, and upholding anonymity is essential for success as a mystery shopper in the UAE. Contrary to popular belief, conducting thorough research before becoming a mystery shopper can result in lucrative possibilities with respectable organizations. Mystery shopping has an influence that goes beyond customer service evaluation; it may be used to detect fraud, optimize marketing plans, and boost consumer satisfaction.

Make sure to check out the just BTL website if you’re interested in carrying out mystery shopping in the UAE. Visit our website to learn more about our mystery shopper services. Before registering with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries. We will be pleased to respond to your requests as soon as possible.

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